Rentals Terms & Conditions



Reservation of non-refundable deposits


In order to secure the booking we require:

– A deposit of 30% of the total reservation amount by bank transfer to our account at Milleniuum BCP …………………………… for a reservation within 90 days before arrival;

– A deposit of 50% of the total reservation amount by bank transfer to our account at Milleniuum BCP …………………………… for a reservation within 30 days before arrival;

– A deposit of 100% of the total reservation amount by bank transfer to our account at Millenium BCP …………………………… for a last minute reservation.

Those deposits are non-refundable. WESTPALM does not accept credit cards, cheques or payments in cash upon arrival.

A copy of those deposits transfers is required as proof of payment. After the deposit amount has been credited WESTPALMS`s bank account, our Accounting Department will immediately issue a receipt accordingly. From this stage, the reservation is automatically considered as confirmed and the property will be blocked.


The security deposit of 300€ has to be done upon checking-in at our office. The deposit amount is a security measure settled by the Owner of the property against property damages during the stay. This amount will be refunded if no damges have been found either to the property or its contents..


All extras required for your stay have to be ordered after the reservation has been confirmed to guarantee its delivery in time. This even include reservations of  a defined number of occupants, which have been confirmed by us upon the reservation, independently of the property capacity.This means, that if the property has been booked and confirmed by us for a certain amount of guests, all extra guests will be charged per person and night at a rate of 15€ during October through April and at a rate of 20€per person and night during May until end of September.  The amount of the extra guests is not to exceed the allowed maximum capacity of the property.

Please note the prices that we charge:

  • Baby travel cot: 20€/week
  • Extra single bed: 25€/week
  • Baby high chair: 20€/week
  • Baby car seat: 30€/week
  • Breakfast package: 30€ (up to 4 persons)
  • Extra single mattress: 20€/week
  • Golf clubs (lady/man): 35€/week (only right-handed)
  • 1 cleaning/laundry costs 75€  for Tavira region and 90€ for Quarteira/Vilamoura region (fixed costs with or without laundry)
  • 1 mid-clean 45€ (linen & towel change, light cleaning kitchen & toiletts)
  • Late service call charges others than emergency calls: 35€/call
  • Golf lessons with PGA Professionals: 50€/person/lesson, duration 45 minutes
  • Loss of pool pass 160€ /pool pass will be deducted from the damage deposit upon check-out


  • Besides all those extra services, Westpalm also offers transportation from & to the airport of Faro or Seville and car rental services in partnership with other companies.


Clients booked are always entitled to receive friends and family members in our apartments as long as the total occupancy set in the advert is not exceeded . Guests that stay overnight in our properties and  have not been informed to us upon the reservation., are immediately charged.Those of our confirmed guests with  intention of receiving extra guests are mmediately requested to inform us of guests that will overnight in the apartment. In accordance with this, we charge 15€/person/night (October to April) and 20€ /person/night (May  to September) paid in advance before extra guests arrival. All extra services will be provided at our own fees set in our website. For those who have not informed us in advance in written of this situation and have allowed having extra guests in our properties without fulfilling the requirements set above and become our consent and allowance, will risk not only an immediate cancellation of the total booking as well as immediate extra payments required.

This value is due if the information of receiving extra guests during the stay has been formerly informed in writing  and accepted by us during the booking process. Otherwise, it will be charged double the value. Please be aware that the maximum number of persons have always to be respected, according to the allocation license A/L


The reservation is automatically considered as cancelled if:

  1. The deposit has not been credited our bank account within the stipulated time;
  2. The proof of payment has not been sent to us before final payment;
  3. After the first reminder of the remaining payment of the total reservation has not been credited our bank account until 4 (four) weeks before arrival date;
  4. For last minute bookings, the total payment of the reservation has not been done within 1 (one) banking day;
  5. The reservation has been cancelled by you for different reasons. (In case of illness, a supporting medical document is required, so that we issue a declaration for your insurance company).
  6. In case of breach of your stay for any reason.

It’s not allowed to swap properties.



If the Owner wishes to cancel a confirmed reservation (whenever before the reservation time is due or during the reservation tiime itself), the following terms are to be observed and will be applied:

  1. The total amount of the reservation will immediately be due.
  2. A cancellation penalty of 200€/reservation will be immediately applied.
  3. An administration fee of 100€/reservation and bank transaction fee in the amount of 50€/reservation will be applied.
  4. If a compensation is required by the client, this is to be added and paid in full by the Owner.

All those amounts will immediately be due and/or deducted by us from the rental income.